Suncoast Credit Union: Bushnell Service Center


Suncoast Credit Union has become increasingly active in sustainability efforts, with an overall goal of becoming a more environmentally responsible member of its community. In 2013, Suncoast began implementing environmentally friendly branch prototypes in its new facilities. There are now nine service centers that operate on solar electric systems, with plans to add more. One such example is the Bushnell Service Center, a unique, zero-energy building that integrates renewable energy with high-efficiency technologies to achieve an energy savings of 85%. After its first year of operation, the Bushnell service center delivered over 31 MWh to the grid and used 26 MWh, exceeding its expectations as a zero energy building.



The Bushnell Service Center uses 85% less annual electricity than a standard building by combining renewable energy sources with energy efficient technologies. In its first year of operation in 2015, the Bushnell solar system delivered over 31 MWh of electricity to the grid, and consumed 25 MWh for its operations. The renewable energy system implemented includes a roof-mounted 40 kW polycrystalline solar PV system that provides power to the building during business hours. Under the Florida Solar Rights Act, a per kWh credit is provided for electricity production overage when the system produces extra electricity.


The energy efficiency measures at Bushnell Service Center include:

  • An energy management system (EMS) controls three groundwater source heat pumps which utilize ECM supply fan motors for a more energy and cost-efficient operating system.
  • The ATM and Data rooms are cooled by mini split air conditioning systems, saving energy when the main service center is not in operation
  • Building insulation of the exterior masonry walls and attic provide thermal and acoustic comfort.
  • The building’s exterior glass is tinted with low-emissivity coatings to optimize the amount of solar heat passing through, while maintaining visibility.
  • High efficiency LED bulbs illuminate the interior lobby and teller lines, as well as the ATM and drive thru windows. Coupled with the color luminaires in the parking lot, the branch achieved savings of up to 75% from upgrading their lighting system, compared to standard metal halide lamps.




Suncoast Credit Union is committed to multiple aspects of sustainability in addition to energy reduction. To improve water efficiency at the Bushnell Center, low flow water fixtures were installed at toilets and faucets, resulting in an annual potable water reduction that exceeded 58% when compared to a standard service center. Drought-resistant landscaping and drip irrigation are installed at Suncoast service locations where possible. Bushnell Service Center also participates in several recycling programs. All used paper is placed in Shred-On-Site bins to be repurposed into household paper products, glass, aluminum, and outdated electronics are recycled, and the carpet is 100% made from reused materials.


As the credit union expands, it pledges to focus on clean energy and eco-friendly branches. The first year of operation at Bushnell Service Center shows that integrating renewables and energy efficient technologies can successfully drive energy savings while maintaining comfort and convenience. Suncoast also will be seeking ENERGY STAR® Certification for the Bushnell Service Center.


Annual Energy Use

Baseline (2013)
158 kBtu/sq ft
Actual (2015)
24 kBtu/sq ft

Energy Savings:


Annual Energy Cost

Baseline (2013)
Actual (2015)

Cost Savings:


Sector Type



Bushnell, Florida

Project Size

3,700 Sqaure Feet

Financial Overview

Project costs are not disclosed

Polycrystalline solar grid tied system

Interior LED lighting

Groundwater source heatpumps with premium efficiency motors

Exterior insulated low-E tinted glass and window shading