Shorenstein Properties: Palisades Office Park


Palisades Office Park is a four building office complex located on a 23-acre park-like setting, constructed between 1981 and 1991. The office complex features a four-acre lake used for irrigation, a comprehensive recycling program, and existing high-efficiency building systems. Shorenstein's property management team has worked diligently to identify energy-saving improvements that are mostly low-cost and easy to implement, resulting in significant year-over-year energy performance improvements.


In 2010, Shorenstein initiated an Energy Savings Tour of all assets under management. Shorenstein’s Engineering Managers worked with property management to identify all no, low, and capital cost measures. The Tour yielded environmental savings equivalent to more than 1,100 homes off the electric grid.

Shorenstein is committed to energy and environmental performance. In 2012, Shorenstein successfully completed BOMA’s 7-Point Challenge, achieving a 32% reduction in portfolio-wide energy use over a 2007 baseline.



With leadership from the property manager and chief engineer, Shorenstein reviewed all no-cost, low-cost, and capital cost energy efficiency opportunities at the Palisades campus. No and low-cost projects were identified and completed by Shorenstein's highly capable engineering management staff. Feasible capital cost projects were reviewed, budgeted, and scheduled for implementation. Work on the projects began in 2011 and continued through 2013.


Projects implemented or planned for implementation include:

  • Garage lighting retrofit of all high-intensity discharge lamps with compact fluorescent lamps
  • Retrofit of outdoor accent lamps with LEDs
  • Retrofit of lobby cove lamps and restroom lamps with LEDs
  • Retrofit of elevator cab halogen lamps with LEDs
  • De-lamping of linear fluorescent fixtures (3-lamp to 2-lamp) to optimize illumination levels
  • Installation of variable frequency drives on exhaust fans
  • Decrease in electric heater set-point and increase in exhaust fan set-point
  • Retrofit of existing domestic hot water heaters with smaller, high-efficiency units


These efficiency measures helped the Palisades Office Park achieve gold certification under the LEED for Existing Buildings rating system in 2012.

The buildings had previously earned the ENERGY STAR label for highly efficient buildings, but savings from the completed work has already moved the rating up 5 points to 85, resulting in annual savings of nearly 800 Metric Tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Palisades has also benefited from more competitive real-time pricing from Georgia Power as a result of the decrease in electricity demand associated with these energy-saving projects.


Annual Energy Use

(Source EUI)
Baseline (2010)
237 kBtu/sq. ft.
Actual (2014)
195 kBtu/sq. ft.

Energy Savings:


Annual Energy Cost

Baseline (2010)
Actual (2014)

Cost Savings:


Sector Type



Atlanta, Georgia

Project Size

650,000 square feet

Financial Overview

Project Cost $86,400

Exterior of the Palisades Office Park
Exterior of the Palisades Office Park