National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) — 50001 Ready Cohort


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is America’s civil space program and the global leader in space exploration. Energy and water play a critical role in enabling NASA and its Space Centers to meet its missions. The role of resiliency and reliability in supplies of energy and water ensures the Space Centers can continue to explore, discover, and expand knowledge for the benefit of humanity. The agency prioritizes sustainability and has made a long-term commitment to continual improvement in energy management by implementing 50001 Ready across all of NASA’s Space Centers.



50001 Ready Implementation Cohort

In 2020, representatives from 15 NASA Space Centers participated in an inaugural 50001 Ready Cohort Training. This cohort piloted a live, online course structure hosted by the 50001 Ready program. This DOE program offering includes comprehensive guidance to help facilities implement a culture of continual energy improvement by implementing an energy management system that aligns to the globally-accepted ISO 50001 energy management system standard. This energy management approach leverages people and technology-driven strategies into actionable practices to optimize a sites’ energy performance.

The 50001 Ready Cohort training covered how to:

  • Implement the principles of the ISO 50001 Energy Management System Standard
  • Utilize the project management functionalities in DOE's 50001 Ready Navigator
  • Document a management system using the 50001 Ready Task Playbooks
  • Conduct a gap analysis between federal energy management regulation and high priority 50001 Ready tasks to understand the true workload of implementing 50001 Ready

The NASA energy teams are harnessing the 50001 Ready continual improvement structure to identify key energy savings opportunities, strengthen their approaches to energy management and create a legacy of continual improvement in the NASA energy program. The cohort participants shared information about their sites and fostered a long-term NASA community of practice for strategic energy management.

The Federal Energy Management Program is excited to announce this new training opportunity and applauds NASA for its participation and ongoing energy management system implementation efforts.

Participating Sites

  1. NASA Headquarters - Washington DC
  2. Ames Research Center - Mountain View, CA
  3. Armstrong Flight Research Center - Edwards Air Force Base, CA
  4. Glenn Research Center - Cleveland, OH
  5. Goddard Space Flight Center - Greenbelt, MD
  6. Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex - Fort Irwin, CA
  7. Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Pasadena, CA
  8. John C. Stennis Space Center - Stennis Space Center, MX
  9. John F. Kennedy Space Center - Merritt Island, FL
  10. Langley Research Center - Hampton, VA
  11. Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center - Houston, TX
  12. Marshall Space Flight Center - Huntsville, AL
  13. Michoud Assembly Facility - New Orleans, LA
  14. Wallops Flight Facility - Wallops, VA
  15. White Sands Test Facility - Las Cruces, NM



Washington, District Of Columbia