Homes for America: Leonard Apartments


Leonard Apartments, built in 1988 and located in Salisbury, Maryland, consists of a 2,700-square-foot community building and 10 one and two-story buildings with 66 units: 4 one-bedrooms, 26 two-bedrooms, 34 three-bedrooms, and 2 four-bedrooms. At the time of acquisition by Homes for America in 2012, 25 units were vacant, primarily due to existing moisture problems, which caused mold issues in several units. Immediately, Homes for America secured the vacant units and completed minor repairs without major physical issues while arranging funding for rehabilitation. The property is located in a rural area and its residents consist of farm worker families who perform essential functions for the Maryland farming industry. 


Homes for America is devoted to including green building as a part of their work. All new construction and rehabilitation projects are built to EarthCraft criteria standards. EarthCraft is an organization that serves as a blueprint for energy, water, and resource efficient buildings throughout the Southeast. The program serves multifamily market-rate and affordable housing units including new construction, renovation, gut rehab, and adaptive reuse.



Homes for America applied for and received Multifamily Energy Efficiency and Housing Affordability Program – EmPOWER – state energy funds, which were utilized in the rehabilitation, along with other funds obtained in conjunction with a Low Income Housing Tax Credit recapitalization. Heating and cooling of the apartment units is provided by an electric HVAC split system, with all electricity costs paid by residents.


The costs to complete several energy efficient measures are listed below:

Sealing and weatherization $61,685
High-efficiency water heaters $40,000
New ENERGY STAR® windows  $80,660
1.5 and 2-ton HVAC systems $104,250
Programmable, master-controlled thermostats  $11,200
New apartment unit front doors $21,840
ENERGY STAR® refrigerators  $10,000
Exterior door for community room $1,620
Low-flow laundry and WaterSense® bath and kitchen fixtures $18,240

Exterior LED light fixtures and interior ENERGY STAR® fixtures             

Solar water heaters in laundry rooms   $30,000
Attic insulation averaging R-49   $35,000
ENERGY STAR®  asphalt shingle roof     $80,000


In addition to energy savings, the retrofits to Leonard Apartments also resulted in substantial reduction in water consumption and costs. From 2015 to 2016, water consumption costs decreased from $55,000 to $31,800 in one year, a 57 percent savings.


NOTE: Annual energy use figures apply to the common areas only. Annual energy costs represent those paid by the owners of the building.

Annual Energy Use

(Source EUI)
Baseline (2015)
15.6 kBtu/sq.ft.
Actual (2016)
11.4 kBtu/sq.ft.

Energy Savings:


Annual Energy Cost

Baseline (2015)
Actual (2016)

Cost Savings:


Sector Type



Salisbury, Maryland

Project Size

52,800 Square Feet

Financial Overview

Project Cost: $523,000

Front view of units at Leonard Apartments
Front view of units at Leonard Apartments

View of the Leonard Apartments Management Office and Social Services Center
View of the Leonard Apartments Management Office and Social Services Center