Havertys: Virginia Beach Showroom #0193


The Virginia Beach showroom was built in September 1995, employs 19 Havertys associates and operates 82.5 hours each week. Havertys selected this location to receive a comprehensive energy upgrade as a part of its HVTerra sustainability program. Lighting quality is of paramount importance in Havertys showrooms, accounting for the majority of its energy use prior to an LED lighting retrofit. Following LED lighting retrofits, Havertys has found that HVAC accounts for the majority of its energy use.

The HVTerra program was launched in 2010 to help Havertys implement sustainable business practices and improve business processes in both new construction and existing showrooms. The areas that the HVTerra program impact include energy and waste management, building sustainability, store development, products sourcing, design and development, office automation and paper management, and associate education and engagement.


In April 2012, the existing black EPDM roof was replaced with a more efficient White TPO roof. In May 2012, additional improvements included replacement of existing incandescent sales floor lighting with LED spot lighting and replacement of the existing HVAC with high efficiency units. In April and May of 2014, a new Energy Management System was installed to better control the lighting and HVAC equipment.

While total energy use dropped 44% (shown above) from a 2012 project baseline, electricity use itself dropped over 40% compared against 2008, with savings attributed to the white roof, LED lighting upgrades, new high efficiency HVAC units. Tonnage for these new units was reduced by 20% (from 137.5 tons to 113.5 tons) due to the lower heating loads with LED lighting. Havertys committed to transitioning all incandescent track lights to new LED PAR38’s in 2012, following a pilot project that began in 2010 and showed that LEDs provided a high quality light source with a high color rendering index of 90+ that showcased its products well.

A team comprised of Havertys HVterra committee members and vendor partners with expertise in energy management services and mechanical and electrical engineering meets regularly to review store energy performance data and identify opportunities for energy reduction. With multiple disciplines at the table, Havertys could plan the retrofit to take advantage of additional savings.

Other Benefits

The LED switchover has been a tremendously positive addition to the showrooms with both associates and customers; both feel that LEDs provide higher quality lighting for products with the benefit of less energy consumption. Maintenance cost reductions are also a huge positive, ending the need to change 15–20 lamps each week prior to LEDs, which now last 50,000 hours or 12.5 years of operating time.*

*The referenced lamp is ENERGY STAR certified and has been tested in GE's own photometry lab NAVLAP certified, a voluntary self-accreditation process. All GE lamp tests are based on the definition of useful life from the Alliance for Solid State Illumination Systems and Technologies (ASSIST), a group led by the Lighting Research Center (LRC), which recommends defining useful life as the point at which light output has declined to 70% of initial lumens (abbreviated as L70) for general lighting…” (Resource: Lifetime of White LEDs, U.S. Department of Energy, publication number PNNL- SA- 50957, September 2009)

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Outside the Havertys store

Outside the Havertys store

The sales floor

The sales floor