Gundersen Health System: Consolidated Services Center


In 2018 Gundersen Health System acquired the Consolidated Services Center (similar to a warehouse/distribution center) and office space in West Salem, Wisconsin and in 2020 began a 3-phase renovation to the complex to add solar, geothermal, and battery storage with the goal of achieving a microgrid configuration. The upgrades will make the facility more energy independent and resilient. Phase 1 focused on efficient designs with the best paybacks, Phase 2 focused on renewable energy and energy resiliency, Phase 3 focused on additional improvements to the facility’s office space.



Gundersen is committed to exploring how each of its locations can become more energy independent, with the goals of improving the environment, lowering the cost of healthcare, and improving the health of the communities it serves. Gundersen set a goal of 50% reduction in energy use intensity (EUI) from the national median (76 down to 38). Gundersen Facility Operations are taking a two-pronged approach to the renovation in West Salem: 1) Increase the efficiency of the building as much as possible, and 2) enhance that efficiency with renewable energy options. By the end of the project, 70% of the building’s energy needs will be offset through conservation and onsite renewable generation. Efficiency efforts targeted the building envelope, lighting, and controls.

Phase 1 (main remodel)

  • A new 65-well geothermal system for warehouse climate control
  • New dock door seals to prevent air leaks and air curtains to limit intrusion of outside air
  • Ceiling fans for circulation
  • LED lighting
  • Building automation system
  • EUI after Phase I – 59

Phase 2

  • A 250 kW solar ground mount system located adjacent to the warehouse
  • A battery configured in a microgrid design so accompanying software can choose between the grid, a battery, or solar to power the building
  • EUI after Phase 2 – 38

Phase 3

  • Replacing conventional rooftop heating and cooling units serving the office area with geothermal-sourced heat pumps
  • Updating lighting in the two-story office area to LED with daylight controls
  • EUI after Phase 3 – 27

Based on data gathered during the design process, Gundersen expects an EUI reduction of 64%.



In addition to the reduction in EUI at the site and increased resiliency from the renewable energy, other benefits from the renovations include:

  • Enhanced temperature control inside structure, both vertically and horizontally.
  • Improved responsiveness of the system to adjust to significant outside temperature swings.
  • System resiliency and reliability improvements that reduce down time.

Annual Energy Use

(Source EUI)
Baseline (2019 (ENERGY STAR Office/Warehouse))
4,028,000 kBtu
Estimated (2021)
1,450,080 kBtu

Energy Savings:


Sector Type



West Salem, Wisconsin

Consolidated Services Center
Consolidated Services Center