Caritas Communities Inc. 54 – 56 Spear Street


Caritas works with the LEAN multifamily program to provide energy assessments. An audit was completed on the 54-56 Spear Street property leading to a boiler replacement and weatherization measures including door sweeps. In order to qualify for this programming, the property needs to be serving a low-income population.


Caritas’ goal is to preserve the single room occupancy (SRO) model as a means for affordable housing for the homeless and formerly homeless. The SRO model is commonly found in older housing structures in urban settings. 54-56 Spear Street is a vital housing option in downtown Quincy for those in need and Caritas’ plan is to own it in perpetuity. Caritas strives to use conservation measures and efficiency efforts in all aspects of their continued ownership.



Energy efficiency improvements were made to the property in two phases, one financed through the LEAN multifamily program completed in 2016 and a second completed in 2019 paid for through Caritas’ operating costs.



Caritas installed one Lochinvar KHN285 high efficiency condensing boiler system ($22,500), which included one 80 dual coil indirect water heater and new high low DHW mixing valve. Work included pumps, controls, drains, and all necessary permits and factory start up to be installed by all state and local codes and manufacture specifications. In addition, air sealing and weatherization package ($23,000) and LED lighting and refrigeration upgrades ($9,300). For lighting upgrades, there were eight LED exit signs, six 6 Watts LED ballast bypass lights, twenty-six LED mushroom ceiling fixtures, and five exterior LED mini security lights.


Caritas replaced 11 windows at the total cost of $5,000. These were high efficiency insulated units manufactured by Harvey Industries.




The updates described above will help ensure efficient and reliable heating that is less likely to break down and save time and money on repairs. The weatherization project has helped to keep the property warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, hence making it more comfortable for the residents.


Annual Energy Use

Baseline (2015)
500,815 kBTU
Actual (2020)
303,046 kBtu

Energy Savings:


Sector Type




Project Size

3,000 square feet

Financial Overview

$60,000 cost of upgrades