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2015 Better Buildings Summit, Presentation
Sector: Commercial, Financial Services

Commercial space conditioning (heating, cooling, and ventilation) accounts for about 7.0 quads of primary energy per year, or about 40% of total commercial use in the United States. Learn about new research into the next generation of HVAC equipment and how proper technology planning can lead to incredible savings. Part 1 focuses on packaged HVAC systems that are treated as individual equipment with minimal maintenance.

2015 Better Buildings Summit, Presentation
Sector: Financial Services, Multifamily
Implementation Model
Partner: Sol Systems
Sector: Local Government, Financial Services

The District of Columbia's Department of General Services engaged Sol Systems to develop one of the largest onsite solar energy projects in the U.S. on a 12-month timeline using a unique power purchase agreement. The project spans 35 facilities, including schools, hospitals, police facilities, and more.

2018 Better Buildings Summit, Presentation
Partner: California Energy Commission, Connecticut Green Bank, State of Washington
Sector: Multifamily, Residential, Local Government, State Government, Financial Services, Utility

The Clean Energy for Low Income Accelerator (CELICA) sunsetted Summer 2018, meaning all 37 CELICA partners, 16 national partners, and DOE/National Renewable Energy Lab staff convened to reflect on the results. This was an opportunity where attendees reflected on partner accomplishments, showcased CELICA's deliverables, gathered feedback on lessons learned, and discussed next steps. Open to CELICA partners only.

2018 Better Buildings Summit, Presentation
Partner: District of Columbia, Orlando, FL, State of Michigan
Sector: Multifamily, Residential, Financial Services

Session attendees heard from states and cities utilizing solar to serve customers in innovative ways. Whether through federal programs, leveraging funds to increase access to solar, community solar, or workforce development programs, partners shared how they did it AND how they engaged stakeholders along the way. Speakers also addressed the various barriers states and cities faced and strategic approaches for solar adoption.

Other: Fact Sheet
Sector: Financial Services

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is an arrangement in which a third-party developer installs, owns, and operates an energy system on a customer’s property. The customer then purchases the system's electric output for a predetermined period.

Partner: Citizen Energy, Metrus Energy
Sector: Commercial, Financial Services

This 2020 Summit session provided a deep dive into the state of the energy financing market. Better Buildings Financial Allies shared insights on emerging energy financing solutions such as commercial PACE, efficiency-as-a-service, and green bonds to help building owners demystify and access financing.