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Partner: Allumia
Sector: Commercial, Financial Services

Allumia funded and installed a new LED lighting system for Hilltop Red Apple grocery store using Allumia’s efficiency-as-a-service offering.

Solutions at a Glance
Partner: Sparkfund
Sector: Financial Services

Sparkfund's Technology Subscprition service covers systems such as lighting, HVAC, fans, electric vehicles, and monitoring and controls - all owned and maintained by Sparkfund. Affinity Living Group was able to install new lighting at 16 properties without diverting resources away from serving residents by utilizing the subscription.

Implementation Model
Partner: Citizen Energy
Sector: Multifamily, Financial Services

Citizen Energy completed projects at two separate multifamily properties with different ownership structures using an efficiency-as-a-service financing solution, resulting in cash-flow positive outcomes since day one.

Partner: Bristol-Myers Squibb, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Efficiency Vermont, The Tower Companies, University of California, Irvine
Sector: Commercial, Data Centers, Education, Financial Services, Industrial, Local Government, Multifamily, Residential, State Government

Leaders representing multiple sectors discussed how they are working across building portfolios to advance energy efficiency while supporting building occupants' health, comfort, and productivity.

Partner: Citizen Energy, Metrus Energy
Sector: Commercial, Financial Services

This session provided a deep dive into the state of the energy financing market. Better Buildings Financial Allies shared insights on emerging energy financing solutions such as commercial PACE, efficiency-as-a-service, and green bonds to help building owners demystify and access financing.


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