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2016 Better Buildings Summit, Presentation
Partner: Metrus Energy, Sparkfund
Sector: Financial Services

Financiers are increasingly finding market traction by selling energy efficiency as a service. Going beyond the traditional ESPC approach, new "efficiency as a service" models such as ESA's are serving a wider range of sectors and project types.

2017 Better Buildings Summit, Presentation
Partner: Citi, Metrus Energy, Sparkfund
Sector: Commercial, Financial Services

This session explored industry trends and panelists discussed existing and emerging "as-a-service" models.

Partner: Allumia, Citi, Metrus Energy, Sparkfund
Sector: Commercial, Education, Industrial, Data Centers, Financial Services

This toolkit provides resources and project case studies for building owners, operators, and occupants that may want to take advantage of efficiency-as-a-service to improve energy and water performance in their facilities.

Solutions at a Glance
Partner: Sparkfund
Sector: Financial Services

Sparkfund's Technology Subscprition service covers systems such as lighting, HVAC, fans, electric vehicles, and monitoring and controls - all owned and maintained by Sparkfund. Affinity Living Group was able to install new lighting at 16 properties without diverting resources away from serving residents by utilizing the subscription.