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Partner: Sparkfund
Sector: Financial Services

Sparkfund's Technology Subscprition service covers systems such as lighting, HVAC, fans, electric vehicles, and monitoring and controls - all owned and maintained by Sparkfund. Affinity Living Group was able to install new lighting at 16 properties without diverting resources away from serving residents by utilizing the subscription.

2019 Better Buildings Summit, Presentation
Partner: American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE), Bullitt County Public Schools, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC)
Sector: Commercial, Education, Local Government, State Government, Financial Services

This session explored common challenges, innovative approaches, and best practices in schools, health facilities, and modular housing in rural areas.

Implementation Model
Partner: Lever Real Estate Capital
Sector: Commercial, Financial Services

Lever Real Estate Capital provided $4.6 million in PACE financing as part of the restoration of Omaha, NE’s Blackstone Hotel to help fund energy efficiency upgrades with no upfront costs.