Better Climate Challenge Road Show

The Better Climate Challenge Road Show, Cleveland edition is here! Watch now as DOE energy experts visit partners to see how organizations across sectors are reducing carbon emissions. In Season Two, we visit Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland-Cliffs, and City of Cleveland to get a firsthand look at the strategies and technologies our partners are deploying to accelerate decarbonization.

Episode 1: City of Cleveland

DOE’s Better Climate Challenge team has sent energy experts to see how the City of Cleveland is innovating its operations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. From the Westside Market to the city’s Kennel to the Frederick Douglass Recreation Center—join us as we see how Cleveland is working to cut its emissions in half by 2030.

Episode 2: Cleveland Clinic

Our energy experts head to Cleveland Clinic to see its campus-wide innovations to reduce emissions. The healthcare industry presents some interesting challenges for carbon reduction—but Cleveland Clinic’s motto is that healthcare and decarbonization are intertwined. Learn how the organization is implementing changes to operating rooms, labs, and teaching programs to cement itself as a leader in decarbonization.

Episode 3: Cleveland-Cliffs

Better Climate Challenge partner Cleveland-Cliffs is the local “hot” spot for hot-briquetted iron. How has the steel manufacturer approached decarbonization in one of the trickiest industries to do so? Follow along with our energy experts as we learn how Cleveland-Cliffs transforms iron oxide into materials that become everyday products while cutting carbon emissions.

DOE's Better Climate Challenge

DOE is challenging organizations to set ambitious, portfolio-wide GHG emission reduction goals -- 50% within the next 10 years -- through the Better Climate Challenge. 

Technical Assistance Webinars

Register to attend upcoming technical assistance webinars hosted by DOE on the latest decarbonization technologies and emissions reductions planning or watch previous webinars on decarbonization topics. 

Photo Gallery

  • Energy-intensive sectors have big decarbonization potential
  • Hot-briquetted iron after production
  • John O’Neill (DOE), Bri Colon (DOE), Matt Rea (Cleveland-Cliffs)
  • Cleveland-Cliffs’ state-of-the-art Direct Reduction Plant
  • The facility can replace 30% of incoming natural gas with hydrogen
  • Cleveland-Cliffs’ furnace is 450 feet tall
  • Hot-briquetted iron
  • Cleveland-Cliffs’ steel can be used in efficient technology, like EVs
  • Preserved wetlands boarder the Toledo plant
  • John O’Neill (DOE), Bri Colon (DOE), Traci Forrester (Cleveland-Cliffs)
  • Dr. Gordon talks decarbonization strategies in the pathology lab
  • Medical Director, Sustainability Dr. Ilyssa Gordon
  • John O'Neill (DOE), Bri Colon (DOE), Ilyssa Gordon (Cleveland Clinic)
  • No trip to the OR is complete without Jello
  • Dr. Sofya H. Asfaw shares how Cleveland Clinic is decarbonizing the OR
  • Cleveland Clinic operates
  • Jon Utech (Cleveland Clinic), Bri Colon (DOE), John O'Neill (DOE)
  • A model of Cleveland Clinic's main campus
  • Cleveland Clinic's Main Campus spans 270 acres
  • John O'Neill (DOE), Bri Colon (DOE), J. Pat Rios (Cleveland Clinic)
  • Students learn about energy, climate at the Great Lakes Science Center
  • Energy Dashboards located around City of Cleveland boost awareness
  • Dogs of City of Cleveland's kennel enjoy energy efficient dwellings
  • John O'Neill (DOE), Bri Colon (DOE), Sarah O'Keefe (City of Cleveland)
  • City of Cleveland's kennel features a solar ready roof
  • Frederick Douglas Recreation Center
  • City of Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb
  • Cleveland's Free Stamp
  • Mayor Bibb discusses Cleveland's decarbonization strategies