Better Climate Challenge Road Show

Hop in the EV and hit the open road with us—the Better Climate Challenge Road Show is finally here! For Season One, our energy experts visited Nashville, TN to see how our partners Nissan, Chemours, and Whirlpool are working to reduce their emissions by 50% within 10 years. Watch the full series below and be sure to scroll through our photo gallery for a peek behind the scenes!  

Episode 1: Nissan

First stop in the Better Climate Challenge Road Show? Nissan’s Smyrna Manufacturing Facility to learn how Nissan is utilizing predictive maintenance to save energy and reduce emissions and how  their “Compressed Air Brigade” prevents energy waste.   

Episode 2: Chemours

Our next stop in the Road Show is New Johnsonville to see how Better Climate Challenge partner Chemours adheres to responsible chemistry while reducing their emissions. Our energy experts learn about Chemours’ use of a waste heat recovery system to generate steam for its New Johnsonville site, plus a creative approach to water and energy efficiency and using real-time data to maximize efficiency.

Episode 3: Whirlpool

The final stop for Season One of the Better Climate Challenge Road Show is at Whirlpool’s Cooking Facility. Our energy experts enter the land of a thousand (or so) LED lights to learn about Whirlpool’s green hydrogen powered vehicle fleet, compressed air energy saving tactics, and how to boost employee engagement and generate savings through the spirit of competition.  


Workforce Highlights

DOE supports a robust industrial workforce that meets the needs of 21st-century manufacturing while providing good jobs and rewarding career pathways. Better Climate Challenge partners support these goals with education and workforce development efforts such as apprenticeship and work-study programs, in partnership with local community colleges. See how these partners are building the next generation of the decarbonization workforce in these mini episodes!

Visit the Better Climate Challenge homepage to learn more about the program and how your organization can join, and stay tuned for Road Show Season Two coming this fall from Cleveland, OH!

Photo Gallery

  • John O’Neill, Technology Manager at the U.S. Department of Energy, picks up Sachin Nimbalkar, Group Leader at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Hitting the open road in an EV
  • Loomis Smith, Forktruck Mechanic at Whirlpool, shows John and Sachin how to power up a vehicle using green hydrogen
  • Boilers inside Whirlpool’s mechanical room in Cleveland, TN
  • Richard Day, Facilities Engineering Technician, Whirlpool showing how better chiller controls save energy
  • A view of the mechanical room at Whirlpool’s Cleveland facility
  • Jennifer Dodd, Facilities Engineering Manager, Whirlpool
  • Jennifer, John, and Sachin getting ready to scope out the furnace room
  • Inside the training facility at Whirlpool’s cooking facility in Cleveland, TN
  • Scot Blommel, Senior Manager, Global Sustainability - NetZero Program Lead, Whirlpool
  • Nissan’s Second Life Battery program gives new life to automated guided vehicles
  • Bryan Crockett, Vice President of Manufacturing, Nissan Smyrna plant
  • Inside Nissan’s paint plant in Smyrna, TN
  • 3D simulation of a vehicle during a live demonstration of how Nissan uses VR to save energy and reduce emissions
  • Rachel Hall, New Model Engineer at Nissan Smyrna plant, inside the VR lab demonstrates how VR can save energy and reduce emissions
  • Nissan’s Compressed Air Brigade in action
  • Greetings from the boiler room at Nissan’s plant in Smyrna, TN
  • Chris Goddard, Energy, and Environmental Engineering Manager, Nissan Smyrna plant
  • View of the historic John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge in downtown Nashville
  • Close up of meters
  • Charlie Musick, Senior Technical Fellow at Chemours, shares how the company leverages data dashboards to save energy
  • Aerial view of Chemours’ river water pump site in New Johnsonville, TN
  • Joe Taylor, Process Resource, Chemours
  • Brian Bohanon, Operations Leader at Chemours, welcomes John and Sachin
  • Amanda scouts the combustion turbine unit with John and Sachin
  • Amanda Smith, Operations Productivity/Work Stream Leader, Chemours
  • John and Sachin learn about Chemours’ waste heat recovery system