"Water Wednesday" Webinar Series

EPA’s WaterSense and ENERGY STAR programs are teaming up to host a monthly Water Wednesday webinar series to help commercial and industrial facilities tackle leaks and reduce water use. Each webinar will cover ways to save water, energy, and money by making changes within different areas of a facility. See the full schedule and get registered below!

Make a splash with quick water wins
Wednesday, June 13: 1:00PM EDT - Register here

Managing water within your facility doesn’t have to involve major retrofits or renovations. Significant water savings can be achieved with small changes to operation and maintenance procedures and changes to user behavior. Learn about no- and low-cost solutions that can be implemented to start saving water in buildings right away, without the need for costly capital improvements.

Beat the peak -- using water wisely for commercial outdoor spaces
Wednesday, July 11: 1:00PM EDT - Register here

Outdoor water use peaks during the summer, raising water bills and straining water supplies. Learn how to design and maintain attractive, healthy landscapes while minimizing irrigation and water losses during the dry summer months and throughout the year. Lower overall operating costs and prepare for outdoor water use restrictions with strategies to manage irrigation systems effectively to prevent inefficiencies and leaks. Finally, learn how to manage pools to reduce water loss from evaporation, filter cleaning, mineral buildup, leaks, and splashing.

Saving water in restrooms with WaterSense
Wednesday, September 19: 1:00PM EDT - Register here

Water use in restrooms and laundries can account for nearly 40 percent of water use within a facility. Join us to learn about water-efficient operation and maintenance practices and retrofit and replacements options that can help reduce water and energy use in public and private bathrooms and commercial laundries. Find out how using WaterSense labeled and ENERGY STAR qualified products in these areas can significantly reduce your facility operating costs.

Minimizing water use in mechanical/HVAC systems
Wednesday, October 17: 1:00PM EDT - Register here

Facilities with extensive heating and cooling requirements can still be water-efficient. Optimizing your heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system efficiency will help save your facility water, energy, and money. EPA’s WaterSense program will teach you how to reduce water waste in cooling towers and steam boilers, optimize chilled water systems, and address equipment that uses single-pass cooling water.

EPA's 1-100 water score for multifamily buildings -- what's my score and how do I improve it? 
Wednesday, November 14: 1:00PM EDT - Register here

Curious how your multifamily property stacks up against others in terms of water efficiency? EPA’s 1-100 water score allows users tracking water through Portfolio Manager to gauge how their properties compare against similar ones across the country. This webinar will cover how to generate the score in Portfolio Manager and discuss how multifamily owners can use this new water performance metric to identify opportunities for water savings. Finally, learn about some of the best practices and tools to start saving water and improving your property’s score.

Every drop counts -- assessing and evaluating water efficiency in capital improvement campaigns
Wednesday, December 12: 1:00PM EDT - Register here

Achieving significant water savings can often require going beyond the low-hanging fruit. Find out how to take the information collected during a facility water assessment to evaluate and prioritize larger-scale projects to maximizing water, energy, and cost savings. Get the information you need to include water efficiency in capital improvements through equipment retrofits and replacements during a renovation or when designing a new facility or space.

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Thu, 2018-05-17
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