Residential Network Peer Exchange Call "Greatest Hits" Out Now

The latest in a series of Lessons Learned: Peer Exchange Call “greatest hits” summarizes top marketing and outreach takeaways from the Energy Department’s Better Buildings Residential Network members during spring 2015 Peer Exchange Calls:

  • Effective marketing of multifamily upgrades depends on whether the decision maker is a tenant or building owner. Tenants are more concerned with issues, such as reduced noise, enhanced comfort, and lower energy bills. Owners are more concerned with enhanced marketability of a unit (e.g., the aesthetics of installing new window treatments).
  • Stand-alone outreach events, such as workshops, can have difficulty attracting people to a venue just for that event. Instead, focus on leveraging pre-existing events and community groups to educate people.

Read the full document for more greatest hits from marketing and outreach Peer Exchange Calls. 

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Tue, 2015-11-24
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