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Helps energy coordinators at manufacturing facilities implement an effective energy management program. MotorMaster+ contains a motor inventory module, where motor nameplate data is stored and linked to utility, facility, plant and process information. It includes a field measurement and operating data storage repository. Also, descriptor searches may be performed to target inefficient or energy-intensive motors and motor-driven processes, and those which operate under abnormal or suboptimal conditions. Batch analyses can be run for new motor purchases, rewinds, or changeouts of operable motors with energy-efficient replacements. Life cycle costing, energy accounting, and program evaluation features are included. MotorMaster+ is easy to learn and use. It incorporates many Windows information display and management features such as destination buttons, tabs which separate information screens, toolbar commands, and combo box menus. MotorMaster+ is also equipped with context-sensitive online help.

MotorMaster+ International – This tool includes many of the capabilities and features of MM+. However, users can evaluate repair/replacement options on a broader range of motors, including 60 hertz motors tested under the IEEE standard and 50 hertz motors manufactured and tested in accordance with IEC standards. 

DOE/AMO no longer directly supports the following energy system software tools. Links to download these tools are available by request at AMO Tools Help Desk

  • MotorMaster+
  • MotorMaster+ International
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