Financial Literacy for Retail Curriculum

BBA Affiliate RILA is offering free training modules focused on Financial Literacy for Retail. There are 2 courses: Finance 101 and Finance 201. Developed with support from Better Buildings and DOE, these e-learnings will help those in the retail sector who want to know more about financing and value as they relate to sustainability. Course descriptions and a link to the trainings are below. 

  • Finance 101: Understanding the CFO and Translating Metrics for Retail Energy & Sustainability Professionals 

This course highlights the importance of aligning energy initiatives with the company-wide aim of maximizing shareholder value, and provides some tips for success and business acumen you can use when creating proposals. This course is well suited for retail energy and sustainability professionals.

Developed in collaboration with Deloitte Consulting LLP.

  • Finance 201: Innovative and Alternative Options for Retail Energy & Sustainability Professionals 

This course explains the different internal and external financing options available for energy and/or sustainability projects. This course is well suited for retail energy professionals, retail finance professionals, and energy and sustainability professionals across sectors.

Developed in partnership with the Institute for Market Transformation (IMT).

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Fri, 2018-07-27
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