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The Federal Energy Management Program's (FEMP) Water Efficiency and Management Resources

Prioritizing Building Water Meter Applications The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) offers guidance on evaluating buildings inventories to prioritize the order in which buildings should be metered for water. With multiple buildings distributed over a region or campus, using a simplified approach can overlook water-intensive buildings.

Water Management Online eTraining courses are offered by FEMP related to water management. The advanced course addresses increasing water efficiency and reducing water use, while the introductory course provides learners with a concise overview of comprehensive water management. Intermediate courses are specifically focused on federal agencies and may be skipped. Free registration to access.

Best Management Practices (BMPs)  FEMP worked with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to develop an extensive list of 14 water efficiency best management practices (BMPs) to help increase water efficiency. Practices related to laboratory and medical equipment are featured as well as a variety of others that each provide operations and maintenance improvements and retrofit and replacement options.

Water-Efficient Technology Opportunities FEMP Identified eight water-saving technologies that are commercially available and offer opportunities for significant water savings potential. These technology overviews provide key information to deploy innovative products and systems that may otherwise by overlooked such as cooling tower controls, steam sterilizers, and on-site wastewater treatment systems.

Alternative Water Source Maps FEMP created a map series that provide potential alternative water resources across the US for harvested rainwater, captured condensate, and reclaimed wastewater to assist in strategically planning where to implement alternative water projects. Alternative water is typically used in non-potable applications such as irrigation, cooling tower make-up, and vehicle wash.

Planning and Assessment Resources Critical elements of a water management plan include water balance analysis, project development, and economic analysis. This page describes the general steps for creating a strategic water management plan that establishes priorities and helps allocate funding for water-efficiency projects

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