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EMIS Specification and Procurement Support Materials

This package of materials is intended to guide you through the specification, procurement, and selection of an Energy Management and Information System (EMIS) or related building performance monitoring and diagnostic technology. It includes:

  • A Request for Proposals (RFP) Template that can be filled out to create an organization- and project-specific RFP for vendors.
  • An EMIS Technology Specification (Section 2) that can be tailored to generate owner-driven requirements for technology features and capabilities, data integration, and maintenance support.
  • An Ongoing Services Specification (Section 3) that can be tailored to generate owner-driven requirements to support in-house staff beyond the EMIS installation period. If the EMIS will be utilized exclusively by in-house staff and ongoing service provider support, the services specification can be omitted.
  • Additional sections to define the proposal format, eligibility, and evaluation approach. Appendices provide additional support for developing your RFP, including a table that can be used to summarize the owner’s requirements and options with respect to the Technical Specification.
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