2017 Better Buildings Progress Report

More than 900 organizations across many diverse sectors are now part of the Better Buildings Initiative. These partners represent more than 13% of total U.S. commercial building space, about 12% of the U.S. manufacturing energy footprint, and 125 state and local governments. More than a third (345) of these organizations have taken the Better Buildings Challenge. This leadership initiative calls on CEOs, university presidents, building owners, state and local government leaders, and housing developers to reduce the energy use of their entire building portfolios by 20% within 10 years. They are on track to meet their energy reduction goals, saving more than 2% each year on average, and $1.9 billion since the start of the program. Financing is often cited as a key barrier to energy efficiency; however, 37 Financial Allies have committed $7 billion in capital for efficiency projects, including 9 new allies in the past year

Publication Date: 
Tue, 2017-05-16
Resource Type: 
Progress Update