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Finance Resilience Projects

One of the biggest challenges to implementing resilience projects in the public and private sectors is finding the appropriate funding to pursue infrastructure upgrades. This page contains a collection of resources that are available to help organizations navigate the challenges of funding resilience projects.

Tools and Resources from Better Buildings

Finance and Resilience Toolkit
This toolkit contains a set of resources and case studies designed to help commercial building owners develop a plan for measuring, managing, and mitigating resilience risk.                                       

Commercial PACE Financing for Resilience
Commercial property assessed clean energy (CPACE) financing can be used to fund resiliency improvements that make buildings more resistant to natural disasters and other threats.                                   

Options for Financing Resilience Projects
The Better Buildings Financing Navigator is an online tool that helps public and private sector organizations find financing solutions for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.          

Webinars and Presentations

The Road to Resilience: Setting Energy Savings as a Strategic Priority for Wastewater Treatment Plants
This discussion examined best practices for wastewater treatment facilities, including establishing energy-use baselines and deploying SCADA systems, which helped prioritize infrastructure improvement plans that maximized savings.

Other Resources

Resilience Solutions – Local Resources for Funding Projects
Center for Climate and Energy Solutions
This webpage provides a list of local resources that may assist cities and businesses with funding resilience projects.           

Explore the Efficiency-Resilience Nexus:

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