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Through Better Buildings, DOE works with organizations to make buildings and plants more energy-efficient. These same organizations can pursue further sustainability and emissions reduction goals by incorporating renewable energy such as solar and wind energy. On-site renewable energy, when paired with energy storage and configured appropriately, can also increase a site’s resilience during a grid outage. The Better Buildings team has collected renewables resources that help navigate alternative energy solutions and future energy options and address common challenges.

Find the answers to your renewable energy questions:

Does renewable energy make sense for my organization?Where can I find funding/financing for renewables-related projects?What can I do to overcome technical/physical limitations when deploying onsite renewable energy?
Who do I contact to work with my utility? Where can I access incentives? How do I overcome regulatory boundaries?How do I go about incorporating green power into my energy procurement strategy?

New to Renewable Energy?

Renewable Energy Basics: Click here to learn about renewable energy