Xenia Community Schools


Challenge Commitment
706Thousand Square Feet
Goals Progress
25%Reduction in Energy Intensity23%Cumulative (vs. Baseline)

Xenia Community Schools, located in Xenia, Ohio serves students in PreK-12.  The district's portfolio totals 706,000 square feet and consists of nine buildings including: one high school, one middle school, five elementary schools, one preschool and one board of education building.  Xenia has implemented a number of energy efficiency improvements including: controls upgrades, energy efficient control sequences, and lighting retrofits. A real time energy metering system was also installed to enable officials to respond quickly to unexpected changes.

In terms of the building stock, five of the nine buildings are new construction. As such, Xenia plans to focus on increasing the energy efficiency of the four older facilities. Projects will include: retrofit of obsolete and poorly functioning controls, installation of LED lighting, lighting controls for the football stadium to reduce runtime, and improvements to the lighting control systems at the elementary schools. As the older buildings require capital equipment upgrades, the district will prioritize energy efficiency replacements where feasible.  Xenia Community Schools remains committed to engaging faculty and staff in energy savings competitions to provide energy efficiency education and maximize savings potential.