Will County, IL

Will County, IL

Will County is located in the Chicago metropolitan area. The County’s population is approximately 700,000 and is the fastest growing County in Illinois in the past ten years. Will County government employs approximately 2,300 full and part-time employees.

Will County has committed to reduce its energy usage by 20 percent by 2022 throughout much of its portfolio. This goal will be achieved through implementation of Energy Management Procedures, Green Team Action Plans, Education, Energy Audits, and a commitment to use funds to install energy efficient retrofits where they will make the most impact.

The County uses ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager to collect and assess data to measure energy usage, takes the energy information and uses Portfolio Manager to generate a series of "Environmental Reports" on each of its buildings on a monthly basis. The report is provided to department heads and County officials to show usage information and actual cost of each building in the County.

In June 2012, the Will County Board adopted the Energy Efficiency & Conservation Plan, which has an overall reduction of energy intensity across the Countywide portfolio of 25% by 2020. Will County Executive, Lawrence M. Walsh identified the Better Buildings Challenge as part of the efforts to accomplish the County's goals.

With the first showcase project completed, Will County working with the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and Chicago campuses has completed a series of full service energy audits to identify the most impactful energy reducing retrofits in seven County buildings. The next showcase project will feature the HVAC equipment retrofit including renewable energy generation at the River Valley Juvenile Detention Center and the implementation model will feature a retro-commissioning project at the Adult Detention Facility.

Will County’s Environmental Educator with the assistance of its Energy and Conservation Specialist in conjunction with the Will County Regional Office of Education held an “Energy Summit” for all Will County Schools facilities managers and administrators. Topics discussed at the Summit included how to benchmark, tools to identify energy efficiency improvements, and financing energy efficiency projects. Will County continues to work with the school district to prioritize energy efficiency.

Challenge Commitment
1.1Million Square Feet
Energy Goals
20%Reduction in Energy Intensity
8%Cumulative (vs. Baseline)
Showcase Project