Triple Bottom Line Foundation

Triple Bottom Line Foundation

Triple Bottom Line (TBL) Foundation is a spin-off of the StEPP Foundation that has a 12 year history of funding environmental projects. TBL Foundation is focused on providing debt financing and grants to eligible affordable housing multifamily properties and nonprofit community facilities.

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Markets Served

TBL Foundation specializes in serving:

  • Small properties
  • Rural and non-urban properties
  • Green rehabilitation
  • Projects that require subordinated or non-collateralized debt, or off-balance sheet financing
Products and Services

TBL Foundation is committing to providing access to at least $25 million of debt financing for energy efficiency upgrades to all eligible affordable housing multifamily properties. TBL Foundation currently serves clients with properties in the Rocky Mountain region but plans to expand its service territory. Through its strategic partnership with, it provides a unique one-stop-shop green rehab service.

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Ravi Malhotra
TBL Foundation

$25 Million
$3 millionAs of December 2016