Solberg Manufacturing Inc.

Solberg Manufacturing Inc.

Solberg Manufacturing Inc. engineers, manufactures, and delivers solutions around the world for the equipment that powers our lives. From compressors to turbines, vacuum pumps to reciprocating engines, Solberg’s filtration, silencing, and separation products can be found on the most challenging applications. For more than 40 years, Solberg has embraced the ideal of industrial growth while advocating environmental responsibility.

Solberg’s energy efficiency efforts began with lighting retrofits of both their buildings, and on-site solar panels were installed in 2010 and 2013, generating an average of 24% of the electricity requirement for their Headquarter building.

In 2011, Solberg won the Illinois Governor’s Sustainability Award, which is given out to exemplary companies or public entities.  That same year Solberg became the first certified B Corporation manufacturer in Illinois, and one of just a few in the country at the time.  Overall, Solberg’s efficiency and onsite generation efforts achieved a 22% reduction in energy intensity by 2014, and Solberg was ahead of schedule for their 10 year reduction goal.  

Solberg’s progress towards their target faced an added challenge starting in 2014, when production was moved to a new facility, which is three times larger, and has a significantly higher thermal load.  New equipment was also purchased and has been continued to be added since 2014. Despite their move, Solberg has chosen to stick with their original 2008 baseline, and remain committed to a 25% energy intensity reduction by 2018.  They believe that while company growth is part of the business, strategies must be in place to enable the growth without compromising on their environmental commitments.

Solberg has taken their commitment a step further in 2017, and joined the Challenge Level of the Better Plants program. They are firmly committed to doing all that they can to achieve their 2018 goal, and in June of 2017 a 635 kW solar PV system was added to the roof of Solberg’s production facility, which is capable of exceeding 100% of their electricity usage.

Solberg Manufacturing Inc. produces air filtration, separation, and silencing products that are designed to protect machinery and the surrounding environment.

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