Saint-Gobain Corporation


Challenge Commitment
Goals Progress
25%Reduction in Energy Intensity10%Cumulative (vs. Baseline)
6%Reduction in Water Intensity

Saint-Gobain has over 1,000 subsidiaries in more than 64 countries and is the world’s largest building materials company. With 19,000 employees at operations in 42 states in the U.S., Saint-Gobain manufactures and distributes a wide range of building products, and also manufactures high-performance materials and glass containers. As the world leader in products for the "habitat" and construction markets, Saint-Gobain is committed to the efficient use of energy to produce and deliver products and has improved its energy intensity by 8.5% in the last three years. At a Washington Plant in 2011, Saint-Gobain committed to and implemented a large compressed air retrofit project that led to documented savings of 39% in the compressed air system.

As a Better Buildings Better Plants Challenge Partner, Saint-Gobain has pledged to increase efficiency across its 114 U.S. plants, targeting a 25% reduction in energy consumption by 2019 over 20 million square feet of building space. At a Massachusetts site, Saint-Gobain committed to a large compressed air retrofit project plant that is expected to deliver savings of 15% in the compressed air system.