River Trails School District 26


Challenge Commitment
220Thousand Square Feet
Goals Progress
30%Reduction in Energy Intensity28%Cumulative (vs. Baseline)

River Trails School District is located in Mt. Prospect, IL, 25 miles northwest of Chicago.  The district is comprised of three school buildings, serving approximately 1,500 students from Pre-K through 8th grade.  All three facilities earned ENERGY STAR® certification and the middle school received the US Department of Education’s Green Ribbon School Award in 2015.  The district maintains a community-wide Green Schools Committee that operates with the following mission: "River Trails Green Schools will lead the way in promoting environmental sustainability within our community and schools by inspiring our students and staff to protect the environment and be responsible global citizens."

River Trails School District exceeeded its goal to achieve a 20% improvement in energy efficiency by 2026 in 2015, achieving a 23% reduction 11 years ahead of schedule. In 2016, the district set a new goal to reduce consumption 30% by 2026, demonstrating its commitment to continuous improvement. Over the last five years, the district has implemented numerous programs to reduce energy consumption including improvements to equipment, lighting, and energy management systems, among others.  River Trails is developing a comprehensive energy management plan to upgrade the building automation systems (BAS), conduct retro-commissioning, upgrade outdoor lighting and provide better energy demand management to further reduce consumption.