Qurate Retail Group

Qurate Retail Group

Qurate Retail Group believes in a Third Way to Shop® – beyond transactional ecommerce or traditional brick-and-mortar stores. The company includes seven leading brands that combine the best of retail, media, and social to curate products, experiences, conversations, and communities for millions of highly discerning shoppers.

Qurate Retail Group believes in a more sustainable way to retail and is working to reduce its carbon footprint. Qurate Retail Group's Energy Efficiency Strategy is built upon three pillars: reduce energy consumption, replace traditional energy with energy from renewable sources where possible, and balance energy from traditional sources through carbon offsets.

Qurate Retail Group's building portfolio in the U.S. includes global and brand headquarters, studios, and fulfillment centers, representing 14 million square feet of space. The company is targeting a 20% reduction in the energy intensity of its U.S. operations by 2030 from a 2018 baseline.

Learn more on Qurate Retail Group’s Corporate Responsibility page.

Buildings Challenge Commitment
14 MillionSquare Feet
Energy Goals
20%Reduction in Energy Intensity