Petros PACE Finance, LLC

Petros PACE Finance, LLC

Petros PACE Finance has quickly become a national leader in providing PACE financing to commercial property owners. Petros PACE Finance has significant institutional backing and was founded by a team with a collective 60+ years of experience in building and assisting companies with strategic capital and advisory services. We have been involved in the PACE market since 2010 and have played a major role in the implementation of numerous PACE programs. Through our knowledge and experience, we have developed a flexible financing program designed to seamlessly help property owners and industry partners reap the many benefits of commercial PACE financing.

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Markets Served

Petros PACE Finance is a proven, national commercial PACE lender, having structured and financed the first commercial transactions in three states. To date, Petros PACE Finance has closed on C-PACE projects in Texas, California, Minnesota, Michigan, Colorado and Missouri. We are an industry leader having made significant contributions to the start-up of state PACE programs and educational forums across the country.

Products and Services

Petros PACE Finance is solely dedicated to providing commercial PACE financing. C-PACE provides fixed-rate, low-cost, long-term (up to 30 years), 100% financing to commercial and industrial property owners to finance a building’s energy and water infrastructure when undergoing renovation, retrofit or new construction projects. These loans are non-recourse to the owner, never accelerate (even if in default), and transfer seamlessly upon ownership change. C-PACE is ideal for owners seeking to increase their property values and generate increased NOI all while reducing their utility spend and carbon footprint.

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