Parkway School District


Challenge Commitment
3.3Million Square Feet
Goals Progress
20%Reduction in Energy Intensity9%Cumulative (vs. Baseline)

The Parkway School District is located in the western suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri. The district's portfolio is comprised of 34 buildings, serving approximately 17,300 students in grades PreK-12.  The district has been engaged in energy conservation efforts since the early 1990's and recently incorporated sustainability and energy efficiency goals into its strategic plan. 

The third goal of the strategic plan states, “Parkway will responsibly and efficiently allocate resources including finances, facilities, personnel and time” with the measurable objective that, “Each school, department, and program will successfully integrate environmentally, socially, and fiscally sustainable best practices into their area of focus.”  The plan establishes the framework to work with all elements within the district to ensure energy efficiency and conservation measures are prioritized wherever feasible, including capital replacement, retrofits, and conservation behaviors.  Parkway is currently revising all specifications for building renovations to meet criteria outlined in ASHRAE’s 50% Advanced Energy Design Guidelines.  Current projects underway include the conversion of interior lighting to LED which build upon the district’s 100% LED exterior lighting systems and retro-commissioning of all HVAC projects while optimizing existing systems.  In addition, Parkway Schools will continue to integrate STEM learning opportunities into curricular lessons and enable students to learn from these real world applications in the district.