Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures

As the longest operating and only remaining major studio in Hollywood, Paramount Pictures has been on the ground floor of every major development in film – from the advent of motion pictures, to the emergence of television, through the digital revolution. During their 110-year history, they have served as the production site for thousands of notable movies and TV shows.


50% GHG reduction in 10 years from a 2018 baseline
20% reduction in Energy Intensity


Better Climate Challenge

Their studio lot has grown considerably through the years, expanding from 26 acres and four sound stages to 62 acres, 120 structures supporting Sound Stages, New York Street Backlot, Theaters, Food Venues, Offices, Post Production, Data Center, Co-generation, Electrical Microgrid, Emergency Backup Systems, and Information technology systems.

Paramount Pictures initiated a Long Range Energy Plan in 2009 that continues on today. More than 400,000,000 lbs of GHG’s have been avoided through conservation and alternative self-generation of energy on the Studio Lot, as well as reducing electrical grid purchases by 40%. Paramount’s energy and GHG reduction strategy includes, but is not limited to, HVAC improvements, lighting replacement to LED’s, low/no-flow water fixtures, Data Center virtualization, and electrical self-generation. Specifically, they will continue GHG reductions and will expand by seeking out renewable energy sources for market transformation and electrical generation which will lower GHG emissions, as well as leveraging existing Studio Lot-wide process controls and instrumentation. 

Climate Challenge Commitment
2.7 MillionSquare Feet
GHG Emissions Goals
50%Reduction in Scope 1 & 2 Emissions