Metrus Energy

Metrus Energy

Metrus develops and finances energy efficiency retrofit and building upgrade projects at commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities. Through its comprehensive financing solutions, Metrus pays for all upfront project costs, providing facilities with the immediate operational and environmental benefits of large-scale energy efficiency measures without the capital expense.

Metrus plans to develop and finance over $75 million in projects over the coming 18 months to help the Better Buildings Challenge meet President Obama’s goals. Metrus provides customers with end-to-end services, which span the financing, implementation and maintenance of efficiency upgrades with no upfront cost.

Markets Served

Metrus serves a wide range of customers in the commercial, industrial and institutional markets. Metrus provides its customers with flexible financing solutions that enable them to treat energy efficiency as a resource that improves their bottom line and achieves corporate sustainability.

Products and Services

Metrus is a full-service specialty finance company focused on developing and financing energy efficiency projects. Metrus' signature product, the Efficiency Services Agreement (ESA), allows customers to implement deep energy saving retrofit projects with no upfront cost. Metrus’ ESA is an off-balance sheet solution that eliminates project performance risk since customers only pay for realized energy savings. Metrus also offers lease financing solutions for a wide range of efficiency retrofit projects. In select geographic regions, Metrus works with commercial PACE programs to develop and finance efficiency projects. Metrus leverages its extensive experience in the energy efficiency industry to help customers identify efficiency financing solutions that are tailored to their individual needs.

To learn more about how innovative financing solutions can lead to larger retrofit projects and deeper energy savings, click here to view Metrus’ energy efficiency finance infographic.

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