McCormack Baron Salazar/Sunwheel Energy + Sustainability


Challenge Commitment
11.6Million Square Feet
Goals Progress
20%Reduction in Energy Intensity

McCormack Baron Salazar is the nation’s leading for-profit developer of economically integrated urban neighborhoods, having completed $2.8 billion of development investment in 38 cities. MBS specializes in green-certified residential communities, senior apartments, nonprofit headquarters, schools and neighborhoods; transit-oriented developments; and historic rehabs. As the sustainability affiliate of McCormack Baron Salazar, Sunwheel Energy + Sustainability brings renewable energy solutions and sustainability consulting services to multifamily housing organizations, green-aspiring businesses, public entities and nonprofit organizations.

McCormack Baron Salazar has committed to complete a third-party, green certification for every development completed. Through this process, the McCormack Baron Salazar team has developed expertise in balancing green practices within tight construction budgets for long-term, triple-bottom-line benefits. As a result, completed green certifications have been obtained for thousands of sustainably built homes and facilities nationwide. Participation in the Better Buildings Challenge deepens this commitment, and the support of DOE, HUD and other BBC participants, will provide McCormack Baron Salazar with access to needed tools, guidance and policy support. McCormack Baron Salazar intends to continue as a leader in creating green, economically integrated urban communities across the nation and will promote sustainability as a key factor in controlling operating costs and driving innovation.

As a key part of the community revitalization process, McCormack Baron Salazar includes in-depth discussions of sustainability from pre-development through final construction. This process continues through the engagement of residents and staff in Green educational opportunities throughout their tenure in McCormack Baron Salazar housing. This educational process includes and affects residents, community leaders, architects and engineers, contractors and subcontractors, vendors, suppliers and partners.