Margate, FL


Challenge Commitment
120Thousand Square Feet
Goals Progress
20%Reduction in Energy Intensity15%Cumulative (vs. Baseline)

Incorporated as a small semi-rural suburban town in 1955, Margate is a thriving urban city with approximately 55,000 residents. The City is currently undergoing major redevelopment efforts based on principles of urban design and sustainability. With an active Community Redevelopment Agency and plans underway to create a viable mixed use City Center, Margate is a community committed to incorporating the practices of better planning, better design, and better buildings.

The City of Margate's building portfolio consists of 13 buildings that range from the 35,000-square-foot Municipal Complex to a 4,800-square-foot fire station. As a Better Buildings Challenge partner, the City is committed to reducing its portfolio-wide energy intensity 20 percent by 2023. To accomplish this goal, the City will continue its benchmarking activities to track the energy use at all facilities and build upon its existing initiatives of retrofitting facilities to substantially reduce portfolio-wide energy use. Ongoing and recent projects have included HVAC replacements, lighting retrofits, and sealing of building envelopes. Future projects will include replacing pumps with high-efficiency ones, installing reflective roofing materials, and installing daylighting. Additionally, the City recently hired a Sustainability Coordinator who will work with each of the City departments to identify and implement additional programs to save energy. Finally, to extend the reach of this program to the community, the City of Margate will be reaching out to area businesses to promote energy efficiency.