Maloney Properties

Maloney Properties

For over 38 years, Maloney Properties has delivered innovative solutions to create vibrant, successful communities. Today, Maloney manages over 11,000 units of mixed-use, market-rate, and affordable housing in 80 communities across the Northeast. Much of Maloney’s clientele are community development corporations, resident controlled properties, and developers. 

Maloney has been successful in resourcing funds from the Low-Income Energy Affordability Network (LEAN) through MassSave and have saved over $4.9 million in energy and over 22,000 tons in carbon through 2019.  Continually monitoring usage has been a key to success in preventing “energy creep” and identifying priorities.

Maloney’s environmental impact policy details a comprehensive approach to sustainability that includes energy conservation, use of green products, integrated pest management, reduced water use, and reduced chemical use. Maloney’s proactive hands-on facilities team utilizes web-based maintenance systems to ensure consistency, accountability, and sustainability.

Maloney will utilize capital needs assessments, energy audits, and utility tracking to determine the best strategy for each property’s energy savings path.  ASHRAE audits will be performed at several sites while others will receive energy audits through MassSave. By utilizing grant funding, utility incentives, and replacement reserves, Maloney will replace inefficient equipment with high-efficiency alternatives.

Conserving energy is an optimal way for a building to reduce its environmental impact, resulting in lower operational costs. A healthier planet, a healthier community, and a healthier bottom line are the goals that Maloney aims to achieve.

Buildings Challenge Commitment
5.9Million Square Feet
Energy Goals
20%Reduction in Energy Intensity
10%Cumulative (vs. Baseline)