Low Income Investment Fund

Low Income Investment Fund

The Low Income Investment Fund (LIIF) invests capital to support healthy families and communities. Since 1984, LIIF has served 1.7 million people by investing $1.5 billion. Over its history, LIIF has provided financing and technical assistance to create, enhance and preserve affordable housing, child care centers, schools, healthy food retail, health clinics, green facilities and transit-oriented development in distressed neighborhoods nationwide. LIIF’s work has generated $33 billion in family income and societal benefits. LIIF has offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City and Washington, D.C.

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Markets Served

LIIF is focused on solving the puzzle of financing energy retrofits for low-income multifamily rental housing nationally.

Products and Services

LIIF is currently helping design and implement two models that could be viable platforms for at-scale multifamily energy retrofit finance. The first is an Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) pilot in partnership with Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future (SAHF). Under the pilot, LIIF provides stand-alone, fully amortizing loans to support retrofits in HUD-assisted multifamily properties owned and operated by SAHF members. Looking forward, the EPC pilot is especially promising because its structure and early successes have laid the groundwork for scaling up via a Pay for Success financing model, which would allow for larger transactions covering multiple properties. The second model is the Ratepayer Integrated Payment Program Predevelopment Pilot (RIOPP), a partnership with SAHF and the California Housing Partnership Corporation (CHPC) that incorporates an on-bill repayment (OBR) mechanism, which adds the owner’s debt service to its monthly utility bill. OBR could be groundbreaking by lowering transaction costs and substantially improving ease of use for all parties—owners, lenders, and utilities. This process innovation could make it possible for smaller properties to undergo retrofits, as well as for owner participation to increase across the board.

The Low Income Investment Fund (LIIF) invests capital to support healthy families and communities.

Financing Goals
$2.5 Million
$934 ThousandAs of December 2019