Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) is the nation's largest municipally-owned utility, providing safe, reliable and affordable electric and water service to nearly 4 million people. More than 8,800 employees of LADWP serve the City of Los Angeles, providing water and power in a cost-effective and environmentally responsible manner.


50% GHG reductions in 10 years
25% reduction in Energy Intensity


Better Climate Challenge   Better Plants Challenge   Waste Reduction Network
Low Carbon Pilot   Energy Data Analysis Accelerator

Since 2000, LADWP's energy efficiency programs have saved more than a billion kilowatt-hours and reduced electricity demand by almost 300 MW – enough to offset the construction of a mid-sized power plant. On the water front, LADWP's water efficiency programs have enabled the City of Los Angeles to maintain the same overall water usage over the last 40 years despite population growth of over 1 million people in the same time frame. LADWP joined the Better Buildings Challenge as a Utility Ally in 2012. As a Utility Ally, LADWP will offer automated data upload into ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager and coordinate multi-measure program offerings for its customers. LADWP will also partner with the regional gas utility to offer combined electric/water/gas programs to customers, a nation-leading first at this scale.

In early 2015, LADWP broadened its commitment to energy efficiency by joining the Better Plants Challenge, agreeing to reduce the energy intensity of all its water treatment plants and 80 pumping stations by 25% over ten years. This builds on the utility’s existing internal sustainability strategy that features four major thrusts:

  • Assess current state of facilities – Analyze, benchmark, establish metrics
  • Engage internal stakeholders – employees (Green Team), executives
  • Set policy and procedure – Set targets, metering, training, embed commitment
  • Make it happen! – Define projects, allocate internal resources, execute, ingrain into policies/procedures

Working with the Mayor and City Council, LADWP is creating a clean energy future for Los Angeles and planning for a sustainable water future — one that addresses drought conditions by reducing reliance on expensive imported purchased water, and increasing conservation and local water resource development. Throughout this process, LADWP continues to provide reliable water and power service to Los Angeles residents and businesses, while maintaining competitive rates that remain among the lowest in California.

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power received a 2022 Better Practice Award for successfully incorporating demand response into its water operations and reducing pumping load during peak periods, resulting in an average demand reduction of 7.1 MW per event and 45 tons of CO2 emissions avoided.  

Climate Challenge Commitment
3.2Million Square Feet
Buildings Challenge Commitment
GHG Emissions Goals
50%Reduction by 2030
Energy Goals
25%Reduction in Energy Intensity