Lennox International


Challenge Commitment
Goals Progress
25%Reduction in Energy Intensity

Lennox International manufactures some of its industry’s most energy efficient products serving the residential commercial and food service sectors. Sustainable practices have always been part of the company’s heritage of innovation. Dating back to 1895, Lennox manufactured the first steel riveted furnace, which burned cleaner than any other furnace of its time. Today, these practices are reflected in the design, manufacture, distribution and performance of its products. Lennox International’s sustainability theme, “Innovation meets Responsibility,” embodies the company’s commitment to the environment, while producing innovative products.

The Department of Energy recently recognized Lennox International for achieving its 25% energy intensity commitment through the Better Plants Program. Lennox International received the Better Plants recognition by improving its energy intensity by 27% since 2009. Through the Better Plants Challenge, Lennox has set a new goal to improve energy efficiency by an additional 25% over ten years from a 2014 baseline across all its manufacturing plants and owned and leased distribution centers. Energy efficiency is one of Lennox’s four key environmental sustainability metrics which also includes greenhouse gas emissions, solid waste and water use. The company has implemented over 100 energy projects in the U.S. since 2009 focusing on lighting, HVAC controls, compressed air and other applications. These investments have substantially reduced the company’s energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. Lennox has an ongoing commitment to improve energy efficiency in all of its operations.