Johnson Matthey Emission Control Technologies Division

Johnson Matthey Emission Control Technologies Division

Johnson Matthey Emissions Control Technologies Division is a world-leading catalyst manufacturer for vehicle and stationary exhaust emission control.  The Division is governed by Johnson Matthey’s focus on three big global challenges: helping to make the world's air cleaner, to keep its people healthy and to use its natural resources more efficiently.  Since 2007, JM has had an ambition to make sustainability part of the way business is done, and has made some great strides in building a sustainable business. JM has transformed the efficiency of operations and reduced environmental impact, cutting in half both carbon intensity and energy consumption relative to sales. JM has delivered improved solutions for our customers, and 93% of our sales now come from sustainable solutions.

In 2015, Johnson Matthey joined the Better Plants program, as a key supplier to Cummins Inc. they joined as part of the Supply Chain pilot, and pledged to reduce their energy intensity at the Wayne, Pennsylvania plant by 25 percent over 10 years.

NAICS 331, Primary Metal Manufacturing

Date of Pledge: April 2015

Johnson Matthey is a specialty chemical company and a leader in sustainable technologies. Through their expertise in advanced materials and technology the Emissions Controls Division helps innovate and improve solutions to improve air quality and reduce emissions.