Jamestown, LP


Challenge Commitment
7Million Square Feet
Goals Progress
20%Reduction in Energy Intensity1.3%Average Annual % Improvement

Jamestown is a national, vertically integrated real estate investment and management company that invests in high quality income producing properties in 24-hour, major markets in the United States. Jamestown Premier Property Fund (“Premier”) is Jamestown’s flagship core-plus investment vehicle for institutional investors. Premier, an open end fund, targets office, retail and mixed use assets that derive a significant portion of their total return from cash yield with the potential to enhance net operating income over the hold period. Premier’s target markets are New York, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Boston, and Los Angeles.

Sustainability is integrated throughout Jamestown’s business operations, and the Jamestown Green team works with multiple departments to reduce utility costs and the environmental impact of buildings in the firm’s portfolio through the program. Jamestown Green has institutionalized management best practices in reporting by benchmarking energy, water, waste and carbon footprint data for asset and facility mangers, investors and other stakeholders. Jamestown Green leverages years of experience to set policies and discuss strategies on how to best address sustainability from due diligence through disposition. The firm uses third party certification and voluntary reporting programs such as ENERGY STAR, LEED, and the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB). Participation in the Better Buildings Challenge supports the firm’s established portfolio goals by providing helpful resources as well an additional platform to share success stories and learn from industry partners who are also pursuing energy reduction goals.