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Ingersoll Rand Inc. prides itself on having an entrepreneurial spirit and ownership mindset and is dedicated to helping make life better for its employees, customers, and communities. Customers look to Ingersoll Rand for creating flow in mission-critical situations using technology-driven solutions, as well as for a variety of industrial technologies that can perform under the most complex and harsh conditions. Best known for their production of industrial equipment such as air compressors, power tools and material handling equipment, Ingersoll Rand’s products span across 40+ respected brands and attract lifelong customers through the company’s commitment to expertise, productivity and efficiency.


50% GHG reduction in 10 years
10% reduction in Energy Intensity


Better Climate Challenge   Better Plants Challenge   Water Savings Network

As a Better Plants Challenge partner, Ingersoll Rand surpassed its initial energy goal in 2015 and improved energy intensity by 30.51% over a span of 8 years. In addition to continuing to set ambitious energy goals through the Better Buildings Challenge, Ingersoll Rand is committed to achieving substantial, long-term reductions in energy, water, and waste by 2030 and 2050. The company aims to decrease water usage by 17%, convert over 50% of facilities to zero waste to landfill, reduce GHG emissions from production by 60% and reduce GHG from Ingersoll Rand Products by 15% by the year 2030. These impressive goals will contribute to the company's longer-term carbon and energy reduction plan of reaching zero net emissions and 100% renewable energy by 2050.

Ingersoll Rand received a 2017 Better Project Award for implementing lighting and HVAC upgrades across several facilities, with site energy consumption decreases of as much as 2%.

Ingersoll Rand received a 2018 Better Practice Award for forming a Green Team at its Waco, Texas, facility that helped double energy productivity, cut electricity costs by 70%, and standardize a method for tracking multiple key sustainability indicators.

Ingersoll Rand received a 2022 Better Practice Award for addressing fugitive emissions from the facility’s use of refrigerants by replacing CFX heat exchangers with more efficient LCX units, resulting in 1,340 annual metric tons of CO2 reduction in the first year of implementation.

Ingersoll Rand received a 2023 Better Project Award for achieving a more than 23% reduction in absolute water consumption at its Sheboygan facility through a combination of water efficiency projects including the installation of a water circulation temperature controls system. 


Ingersoll Rand Inc. prides itself on having an entrepreneurial spirit and ownership mindset and is dedicated to helping make life better for its employees, customers, and communities.

Climate Challenge Commitment
Plants Challenge Commitment
Plants Challenge Commitment
GHG Emissions Goals
60%Reduction in Emissions
Better Plants Energy Performance
10%Reduction in Energy Intensity
4%Cumulative (vs. Baseline)
Better Plants Energy Performance
35% Reduction in Energy Intensity