Indianapolis Public Schools


Challenge Commitment
9.3Million Square Feet
Goals Progress
20%Reduction in Energy Intensity0.3%Cumulative (vs. Baseline)

The largest public school district in Indiana, diverse in both population and choice, Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) is an agile, innovative educational organization committed to academic excellence built through individualized, relationship based learning.  IPS covers 80 square miles, with 80 buildings comprising 9.3 million square feet of education and administrative facilities, employees over 6,000 people, and serves over 30,000 students.

IPS has participated in a number of federal and state funded energy efficiency programs including LEED, ENERGY STAR, Energizing Indiana, among others.  The district has an energy management team in place which oversees billing and energy saving initiatives. To date, IPS has saved close to one million dollars over the last 6 years.

IPS is committed to a standard of district wide modernization that allows the district to optimize systems and dollars with the end result to capture savings and direct those funds to improve the educational experience of its #1 priority: IPS children and future students.  The district hopes to strengthen its data record, evaluation and measurement of facility performance, and communicate that information in user friendly formats for IPS administrators, board members, educators and staff.  IPS also hopes to expand its energy efficiency program to include a teaching opportunity for students, enabling them to become a part of the experience.