Housing Authority of Knox County, IN


Challenge Commitment
135Thousand Square Feet
Goals Progress
25%Reduction in Energy Intensity

Knox County Housing Authority (KCHA) is a Public Housing Authority (PHA) located in Knox County, Indiana. KCHA is a government body created to develop and operate public housing programs for low-income families, and receives its operating subsidies from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). KCHA currently owns, manages, and operates 74 Public Housing units in Knox County, Indiana and administers 334 Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV) in Knox and Daviess Counties in Indiana. In April of 2013, the Knox County Housing Authority Board of Commissioners made a commitment to pursue green and sustainability practices in all aspects of KCHA business, and in June of 2013, KCHA staff pursued and achieved HUD’s “Green Accreditation” through the Sustainable Performance Institute.

KCHA is participating in the Better Buildings Challenge because it strives to be a leader in multifamily public housing sustainability, and believes that energy independence is possible when energy efficiency and renewable energy measures are enacted in harmony. Currently, KCHA staff is pursuing a net metered solar project, which includes an analysis of a solar energy system at Tilly Estates, to determine solar viability, sizing, production, incentives, interconnection and other utility protocol, capital investment cost, and financing opportunities. KCHA is also pursuing a geothermal heat project at another campus.