Housing Authority of the City of Newark


Challenge Commitment
1.4Million Square Feet
Goals Progress
20%Reduction in Energy Intensity

The Newark Housing Authority (NHA) is the largest public housing authority in New Jersey providing low-income residents in Newark with decent, safe and affordable housing. The NHA owns and operates over 7,000 rental units consisting of high-rise buildings, family town homes and low-rise complexes. The NHA also administers rental subsidy for approximately 5,100 households owned by landlords through its Housing Choice Voucher Program. The mission of the NHA is to invest in families by building and maintaining affordable housing to encourage economic independence and healthy communities.

The NHA is committed to the Better Buildings Challenge and has planned and taken specific actions to support this commitment.  Such actions include but will not be limited to energy efficiency upgrades focused on:  high efficiency lighting, low-flow water fixtures, double-pane windows and patio doors , local and centralized HVAC controls and energy management systems, and the replacement of antiquated and leaky centralized HVAC and DHW systems with individual apartment  units designed to reduce both operation and maintenance costs. Additionally the installation of co-generation systems to supply seven (7) hi-rise buildings will serve as a hallmark to its ongoing efforts to diminish NHAs draw on the power grid while reducing its level of carbon emissions into the atmosphere.