Hispanic Housing Development Corporation


Challenge Commitment
2Million Square Feet
Goals Progress
20%Reduction in Energy Intensity21%Cummulative (vs Baseline)

The Hispanic Housing Development Corporation is a 501(c)(3) developer, owner and/or manager of 5,000 multifamily affordable housing units in the Midwest. Through its nearly 40 years of existence, HHDC has striven to create a legacy of excellence, building comfortable, affordable housing that people are proud to call home, and that are catalysts for economic prosperity and community growth. Headquartered in Chicago, HHDC has adopted a uniquely comprehensive approach, expanding its capabilities over the years to include an in-house professional property management capability, a general contracting subsidiary named Tropic Construction, and a newly created mission-driven energy services company, Affordable Community Energy, Inc. (ACE).

HHDC's commitment to the Better Buildings Challenge arises out of an institutional goal to keep affordable housing affordable, and out of the personal desire of its leadership and employees to preserve their communities. Exemplifying this commitment, HHDC President Paul Roldan serves as Co-Chair of Mayor Emanuel's Green Ribbon Committee (GRC), a civic group created to promote energy efficiency awareness and action in Chicago and was the first multifamily residential owner to commit to the Retrofit Chicago program.

The creation of ACE, and the acquisition of sophisticated energy and water efficiency and renewable energy expertise, will help HHDC achieve the goals of the Better Buildings Challenge. ACE is completing a comprehensive retrofit program at nearly 1,200 HHDC units, and plans to do the same for another 1,700 HHDC units. HHDC and ACE expect to complete all financially viable energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements throughout the entire HHDC portfolio, leading to at least a 20% reduction in energy consumption and a substantial shift in the sources of that energy towards renewable energy. Ultimately, ACE will be providing these services to other affordable housing stakeholders.