Hall County, GA


Challenge Commitment
1Million Square Feet
Goals Progress
20%Reduction in Energy Intensity11%Cumulative (vs. Baseline)

Hall County is a focal point for business, government, education and culture in Northeast Georgia.

As a Partner in the Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Challenge, Hall County commits to continuous improvements in energy management and will pursue substantive retrofits across its entire portfolio of public buildings. Utility benchmarking, completed during recent Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant activities, has provided a springboard for the County’s energy efficiency efforts. By joining the Better Buildings Challenge, Hall County has pledged to implement a comprehensive energy upgrade program for county-owned facilities to improve energy performance at least 20% by 2020. Hall County will continue to implement its benchmarking initiative using ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager, and will be monitoring progress towards energy goals for facilities of all types. These facilities range in size and scope from a 218,000-square-foot Detention Center, down to a 5,000-square-foot rural library branch. A future outreach effort to include community partners is planned to broaden the reach of project goals to the community at large.