H. J. Russell & Company


Challenge Commitment
1Million Square Feet
Goals Progress
20% Reduction in EnergyIntensity by 2025

H.J. Russell & Company is a multifamily apartment management company firm based in Atlanta, GA. With a portfolio of 30 sites and over 4,000 units, the large firm uses the triple bottom line framework that looks closely at the social, environmental, and financial aspects of accounting. The company focuses on providing a sustainable environment for its residents, staff and community while insuring a positive financial bottom line.

H.J. Russell & Company has committed to a 10 year, 20% energy reduction goal within the Better Buildings Challenge across their portfolio and at each of their individual properties. To achieve these results, the organization will emphasize resident engagement and site staff training. The company plans to educate tenants on ways to effectively save energy in their units and the importance of sharing utility data with H.J. Russell. This plan also involves training site staff on energy management best practices and benchmarking building energy. These steps will give H.J. Russell a means to identify energy conservation opportunities and implement practical energy saving solutions. H.J Russell will track energy use across their portfolio using the multifamily benchmarking tools available through the Better Buildings Challenge and will share stories and lessons learned on the Better Buildings Solution Center.