Green Coast Enterprises


Challenge Commitment
142Thousand Square Feet
Goals Progress
20%Reduction in Energy Intensity

Green Coast Enterprises develops real estate and provides real estate services to the Southeastern United States, focusing on urban and coastal areas in need of community renewal. GCE develops and manages residential and commercial properties and provides consulting services for the built environment. One of GCE's goals is to optimize the energy efficiency and environmental sustainability of new and existing residential, commercial, and institutional properties, with expertise in the hot and humid climate of the Southeast.

As a Better Buildings Challenge Partner, Green Coast Enterprises plans to develop and share best practices and recommended programs for achieving and maintaining optimal energy efficiency, tailored to historic properties in hot and humid climates. In 2014, Green Coast Enterprises will develop a protocol for its GCE Green Development business area, targeting historic properties with a goal of achieving at least a 20% improvement in HERS scores. This protocol will target on-going barriers to energy savings including tenant/landlord agreements, tenant behavior training, construction protocols for the hot/humid climate, and marketing energy efficiency in rental properties. This protocol will be piloted in all GCE Green Development new construction and renovation projects.