EAH Housing, Inc.


Challenge Commitment
3.5Million Square Feet
Goals Progress
20%Reduction in Energy Intensity

EAH Housing is a regional nonprofit housing development and management organization serving more than 20,000 residents across California and Hawaii. The EAH mission is to create healthy, sustainable communities comprised of people of varying income levels, educational backgrounds, job skills, religions, and races. EAH is a Certified Green Business. In 2009, the organization created a Building Sustainable Communities Initiative, through which nearly three-quarters of its portfolio has been retrofitted with performance-based green technologies. Energy performance is tracked using the ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager tool.

More than 72% of properties owned by EAH Housing have received energy audits to determine how best to increase energy efficiency. Based on this analysis, EAH has retrofitted properties with some or all of the following: high efficiency lighting upgrades, ENERGY STAR appliances, high efficiency water heaters, dual pane windows, native plant landscaping, and solar photovoltaic installations (PV). These retrofits will take place on 40% of EAH’s portfolio by the close of 2013, helping it to achieve the goals of the Better Buildings Challenge. EAH is set to continue its green retrofit program, offsetting an estimated 3.6 million pounds of carbon dioxide annually.