Des Moines Water Works


Challenge Commitment
Goals Progress
25%Reduction in Energy Intensity

Des Moines Water Works (DMWW) is an independently operated public utility providing drinking water to approximately 500,000 people in the Greater Des Moines area. DMWW is the largest water utility in Iowa, among the largest 100 utilities in the country and is recognized as an industry leader.

Des Moines Water Works is committed to continual improvement in its energy performance by using energy in cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally responsible ways. Towards that end, DMWW has invested heavily in energy efficiency projects since 1995. In 2014, DMWW recognized the need to formalize energy management efforts and joined the DOE’s Superior Energy Performance (SEP™) pilot program for water/wastewater facilities.

DMWW’s Fleur Drive Treatment Plant realized a 2.73% annual improvement in energy intensity in 2016 from the 2015 baseline. DMWW’s Energy Management System will certify to ISO 50001 and SEP™ Bronze in 2016.